How-to: Order The iPhone 5s Online Tonight

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iphone 5s

Apple announced the iPhone 5s and 5c last week. Tomorrow both will finally go on sale. This is the first year in a while where Apple’s flagship phone, the 5s, hasn’t been available for preorder. This is supposedly due to supply constraints. That means if you want to get an iPhone anytime soon you have two choices:

Go to an Apple Store   Lineup overnight at an Apple Store. The lines will be longer than at your local carrier store, but stock is guaranteed to be higher too. Hurry! People are already lining up across the globe.

Order Online    Apple also allows online orders starting at 12 am PST. If the thought of waiting hours in a long line with no guarantee of getting your choice of device isn’t appealing to you go this route. You are likely to wait awhile, but you don’t have to ever leave your house.

If you do order online here are a couple things you should know ahead of time:

You don’t have to go to   Just because Apple makes the phone doesn’t mean is the only place to buy it. If you’re a Verizon customer, try, and so on.

Use the Apple Store app   If you already have an iOS device like an iPad or an iPhone don’t be afraid to try ordering from the Apple Store app. It’s quick and easy at times and less people think to use it.

Have all your account information   The worst thing you could do is get an iPhone in your cart and then lose out on a faster shipping time because you can’t quite remember what your AT&T user account password is. Find it out now and write it down. You’re going to be a little groggy if you get up in the middle of the night.

Know What Phone You Want   You should know by now what color and size phone you want to get. This will streamline your ordering. Don’t get a color or size that won’t work for you just because it ships sooner. Apple will not let you return a black/space grey iPhone and trade it for a white/gold one. Know what you want and order it the first time around. You are paying hundreds of dollars and are going to have it for a long time!

Peripherals   Are you thinking of getting an iPhone dock or a new case? Maybe you are accident prone and you know you want to get AppleCare+. That’s great, but don’t waste your time navigating the site if you can’t find these things right away. A lot of times docks and cases might ship separately to begin with and you will have 30 days from the date you purchase your iPhone to add Apple Care+.

Load Webpages Early   Set your alarm early. Make sure you have every webpage ready about 10 minutes before the 5s is set to go on sale. Then start refreshing (F5 on a PC and Command-R on a Mac). Which ever page loads and allows you to buy first, go with it.

Today we have heard of shipping times in Australia and UK starting off at 7-10 days. China is early October. This isn’t going to be a quick process like in years past. Just remember that this is a piece of technology that is supposed to make your life more enjoyable, not a necessity. Don’t let long shipping times get you down. If you really have to get the phone sooner, try your luck in person.


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