Coin, The New Age Credit Card, Reaches Its Preorder Goal Within An Hour

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If you carry several credit and debit cards in your wallet then you know how much of a pain in the ass (literally) it can be. Coin is looking to change the way you carry your cards.

Coin is the same physical size of a typical credit card but it can hold up to 8 of your accounts inside. To change between cards you simply press a button. You get your cards onto Coin by using a simple dongle that plugs into your iOS or Android device. From here you swipe the cards with the help of the Coin app and then take a picture of each card so you can identify it. Coin is also equipped with low-power bluetooth which notifies you if you have left your card behind.

Surely there is high demand for such a product, as yesterday the company reached it’s $50,000 goal is just 40 minutes.

The Coin is still available to pre-order for $50 + $5 shipping=$55. That is significantly less than the $100 it will sell for when it officially comes to market. Delivery is expected to be in the Summer of 2014.



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