Growing Number Of People Having Problems With TouchID On Their iPhone 5s

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In September Apple announced the brand new iPhone 5s to much fanfare. It looked almost identical to its predecessor, the iPhone 5, but it added some new significant features. The biggest feature of all is TouchID, Apple’s new finger print identity sensor that allows users the option to ditch passcodes and unlock their phones with a touch of their finger. Finger print sensors have been done before, but early reviews said this was the best implementation yet. Once TouchID was set up we were told it would work flawlessly.

I have used the iPhone 5s exclusively since late September. At first it did work very well. I was very pleased with its success rate. The only time it would really fail was when my finger was wet. After a couple weeks I noticed a slight spike in TouchID failures. I mostly chalked this up to user error and would go into my settings and recalibrate my fingers and the problem seemed to go away. Surely enough, after a couple of weeks I would have to repeat this process all over again. There have been a growing number of complaints in the past month or so and it is starting to be talked from mainstream news sources.

Let me be clear that many iPhone 5s users are having no problems with TouchID. On the other hand, for the past week TouchID has worked for me less than 50% of the time. I have resorted to typing in my passcode after one failed TouchID attempt. There are many helpful troubleshooting articles out there, and if you are having problems please read them. But at the end of the day for TouchID to be successful, it shouldn’t take this much effort on the part of the user.  At this time we still don’t know what might be causing the issue. Is the finger print sensor breaking down already? I doubt it and hope not. Is this something that can be fixed via a software update? Only time will tell and the iPhone 5s is still a great phone. But until TouchID works reasonably well for everyone, we are left with a less than stellar product.

Are you having problems with TouchID? Let us know in the poll below!


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