Five Must Have Apps For Your iPhone 5s

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One of the best reasons to own an iPhone is the App store. Apple now boasts over 1 million apps, up from 900,000 in June. Not only are these apps useful but many iOS apps are designed beautifully. While Android and their Google Play store have caught up in terms of number of apps, Apple’s App Store is still where developers take their product first.

Whether you just got your first iPhone or are just looking for new apps to bring excitement to your iOS experience, here are my 5 favorite apps for the iPhone 5s.

Tweetbot 3 ($2.99)

Tweetbot 3 is far and away my favorite 3rd party Twitter client. While the official Twitter for iPhone app received a fresh coat of paint when iOS 7 was released, it still doesn’t hold a candle to Tweetbot. Tweetbot allows for easy switching between multiple accounts by tapping on your avatar in the upper left hand corner. This works well for those that want to monitor a business’s account along with a personal account. When Tweetbot 3 was released its primarily white background bothered some users. It did bother me a bit when I would check my feed in bed with the lights off. Enter update 3.2 and Night Theme. This theme allows for optimized reading in dark situations. You can quickly change between Night Theme and the Default White theme by swiping up and down the screen with two fingers like a light switch. This is the Twitter app made for the power user but can still be enjoyed by those who just want to scroll their feed. (Free)

Do you look at your bank account every month and wonder where all your money went? Download You can safely link your credit cards, bank account, and retirement funds and watch as each of them grow deplete. Mint will tell you how much outstanding debt you have, your positive or negative cash flow, remind you when a bill is due, and even give you financial advice. Over time you will see trends in your spending habits and then it is up to you to change them for the better. I have my mint app set up with a passcode so that no one else can see my personal information without my consent.

Pocket (Free)

Do you ever find yourself reading an article when all of a sudden your attention is diverted elsewhere? This used to happen to me quite often, but not anymore thanks to Pocket. Pocket allows you to be reading an article anywhere (Safari, Chrome, Twitter) and simply click the share button and save it right to the app. If for some reason the option to save to Pocket isn’t available, just copy the article and open up the Pocket app. It will recognize you have something copied and ask if you want to add that URL to your list. Another great thing about Pocket is that it works seamlessly with the Mac and iPad/Android apps, so no matter where you are you can always pick up where you left off.


This is the first app on the list that will exclusively work with the iPhone 5s. Pedometer++ uses the brand new M7 Coprocessor in order to give you reliable movement tracking information without sacrificing battery life. This app is pretty self explanatory. When you open it up for the first time it will ask your gender, height, and weight. From this information it can reliably track your mileage and steps. It is a great option for those who have been thinking about buying a fitness tracker like the Nike+ Fuelband as a way to judge its viability for you. I find Pedometer++ to be a motivating tool, even more so than my Fuelband, simply because I look at my iPhone’s screen more often. A nice feature is the way your steps can be shown as a notification badge. There’s no need to open the app to find out how many steps you’ve taken. There are other apps like Argus and Nike+ Move that perform similar functions, but I find Pedometer++ to be the most reliable and simple to use.

Mailbox (Free)

Email as we know it has gone unchanged for a long time. That’s why it is so refreshing to see the people over at Mailbox try to reinvent the way we look at our inboxes. The goal with Mailbox is to get to #InboxZero. That means that each day you are encouraged to clear out your inbox. There are four ways to achieve this: short swipe to the right to archive a message, long swipe to the right to delete a message, short swipe to the left allows you to put off a message to later. Your choices are later today, this evening, tomorrow, this weekend, next week, in a month, someday, or pick your own date. This is especially helpful for those emails you don’t want to forget about, but aren’t pressing right now. Finally you can do a long swipe to the left and add that particular email to a list. You can make unlimited lists and group emails however you see fit.

Mailbox really helps me manage my inbox and may be my favorite iPhone app of them all.

There are thousands of Apps that could make this list, these are just my 5 favorites. I highly recommend you check them all out if you want to get the most out of your iPhone experience. Are there any apps you think should have made this list? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter!


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