Michael Bay Meltdown Steals The Show At CES 2014

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Samsung unveiled lots at CES today. New Ultra High Definition TVs and some new tablets aimed at the pro market. But by far the biggest story was the meltdown that took place when director Michael Bay took the stage. After the teleprompter apparently malfunctioned, Bay was forced to “wing it.” Instead he fumbled his words and excused himself from the stage seconds later. Check it out for yourself above. (Bay arrives at the 57:15 mark)

As I said earlier on Twitter, I’m not sure why Michael Bay had so much trouble without a teleprompter. Most of his movies don’t have a script anyways. BOOM! ROASTED!

Growing Number Of People Having Problems With TouchID On Their iPhone 5s

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In September Apple announced the brand new iPhone 5s to much fanfare. It looked almost identical to its predecessor, the iPhone 5, but it added some new significant features. The biggest feature of all is TouchID, Apple’s new finger print identity sensor that allows users the option to ditch passcodes and unlock their phones with a touch of their finger. Finger print sensors have been done before, but early reviews said this was the best implementation yet. Once TouchID was set up we were told it would work flawlessly.

I have used the iPhone 5s exclusively since late September. At first it did work very well. I was very pleased with its success rate. The only time it would really fail was when my finger was wet. After a couple weeks I noticed a slight spike in TouchID failures. I mostly chalked this up to user error and would go into my settings and recalibrate my fingers and the problem seemed to go away. Surely enough, after a couple of weeks I would have to repeat this process all over again. There have been a growing number of complaints in the past month or so and it is starting to be talked from mainstream news sources. Read the rest of this entry »

Amazon Promises 30 Minute Delivery Via Drones With Amazon Prime Air

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Last night Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos was on 60 Minutes to talk about Amazon’s newest creation: drones that can deliver packages up to 5 pounds to your house in less than 30 minutes. These drones are part of a project called Amazon Prime Air.

These drones sit at the end of a conveyor belt waiting for packages. Once they are ready any package 5 pounds or less –According to Bezos 86% of Amazon packages are under 5 pounds– can be transported up to 10 miles from their fulfillment center to your front door. Bezos says that once they work out the regulations and figure out how to prevent drops from the sky, a fleet of drones will start delivering your orders from Amazon.

Much of the interview focused on Cyber Monday, Amazon’s biggest day of the year. It’s hard not to wonder if all this drone talk was more of a way to get publicity and drive sales for the company. Having said that, Amazon and its CEO want to change the way we shop and buy things and it’s hard to deny they have done that.

What do you think, will drones be delivering us our goods in say 5 years? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter!

First iPhone 5s Unboxing Video Hits The Internet

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This is pretty self explanatory. Here’s the first unboxing of the iPhone 5s. It’s only a matter of time before hundreds of these hit YouTube. Until then, happy watching!

iPhone 5s Goes On Sale In Australia: 7-10 Business Day Shipping

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5s Australia

Well here we go. We heard word of supply constraints on Apple’s new flagship phone and here’s our first indication that this is the case. The iPhone 5s has gone on sale online in Australia and shipping estimates for all models are 7-10 business days. Reports state that silver or gold models will be virtually impossible to come by at carrier or U.S. retail stores. That means if you don’t want the black/space grey model you basically have two options. Order online and wait awhile or queue up with the hoards of other sleep deprived people when Apple opens its stores doors at 8 am tomorrow.

Me? I’ll be ordering the 32 GB White/Silver model at 3 am EST. Will you be ordering online or braving the crowds? What color and size? Let us know in the comments!

Apple’s iPhone Event: What To Expect

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Tomorrow is one of the biggest days in the world of tech. Love ’em or hate ’em, Apple will hold their annual iPhone event at their headquarters in Cupertino tomorrow at 10 am PST/1 PM EST. One thing we know for sure is that it will dominate the news cycle tomorrow. For months now the rumor mills have been churning. What do we know, what do we think we know, and what are we hoping for? Let’s discuss. Read the rest of this entry »