iOS 7: First Impressions

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iOS 7 is Apple’s most anticipated software update ever. Ever since it was unveiled at WWDC 2013 in June, users have been itching to get their hands on it. Some of us got a sneak peak this summer using the betas, but that wasn’t a finished product. Finally yesterday Apple released iOS 7 to the masses. There were some download issues, sure. But that is to be expected when there are hundreds of millions of iOS devices out there. We’re only a day in and already about a third of users have updated to Apple’s newest software. So now that iOS 7 has been released and we’ve had some time to play around with it what do we think? Read the rest of this entry »


Say It Ain’t So: Ads Coming To Instagram In 2014

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Ever since its release in October 2010, Instagram has been gaining popularity as the preeminent social network for sharing photos. So much so, in fact, Facebook bought the app in April 2012 for a reported $1 billion. The first unpopular move happened last December when Instagram changed its privacy policy, allowing data to be freely exchanged with Facebook. After a lot of negative attention, Instagram tweaked this policy in order to ease user’s fears. Now, nearly a year and a half after being bought by Facebook, the WSJ reports that ads are coming to Instagram ‘within the year’.

With an active user base of over 150 million people, Facebook has decided it’s time to cash in on their investment.  While the logistics of these ads have yet to be worked out, this won’t be a welcome addition for fans of the app. Hopefully this is done in an elegant way and not by littering feeds with unsolicited photos and videos.

What do you think? Will ads ruin your Instagram experience? Tell us below in the comments.

Facebook’s Stock Is Up: Is the Future Still Bright?

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For years Facebook has been the go to social network for me and most of my friends. I’ve been active on the site since early 2006, back when Facebook first started letting high schoolers on its site with an active .edu email address. Back then Facebook was cool. It was exclusive. Grandmothers and little cousins need not apply. For years I would listen to contrarians say how Facebook was played out and not a preeminent place to share their lives anymore. I strongly disagreed. How could they say that when Facebook boasted 750 million active users? Well, despite lofty goals of having every person on Earth with a profile, Facebook’s best days are behind it. Here are 5 reasons why: Read the rest of this entry »

Apple Soars: Still A Force To Be Reckoned With

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For the better half of the last year Wall Street has been abuzz about Apple losing its luster. It seems like an eternity ago when Apple’s stock price was hovering around the $700 mark. A slow first 8 months of 2013 product wise caused the stock to briefly slip under the $400 mark. Then, to the delight of Apple shareholders everywhere, came news of billionaire investor Carl Icahn and his reported 1 billion dollar stake in Apple. The long elusive $500 mark was hit today, before closing just shy of it. Here are 3 reasons why all the doom and gloom around Apple’s long term viability is terribly shortsighted: Read the rest of this entry »