Best Holiday Gifts-Tech Edition

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It’s not easy being a geek. Every year we salivate over the latest technology and we¬†need want to have it all. But unless you rob a bank or take a second mortgage out on your home it’s just not possible. We have to pick and choose what we want the most. Here’s a list of some of the best products out there and how you can get the best deals this holiday season.

Streaming Player

By now we all have HD televisions. Many of us don’t want to shell out hundreds of dollars a month on cable bills. That’s where Roku, Apple TV, and Chromecast come in. All of these products allow users to watch a wide array of programming on their TVs. The Roku and Apple TV are very similar as you plug a HDMI chord into them and connect them to your television. Chromecast works a little differently. It’s basically an HDMI dongle that you plug into your TV that allows you to stream content from your smartphone or tablet.

So which one should you buy? If we’re going by price the Chromecast is the clear cut winner at only $35. If you’re lucky you can find a retailer or two that is offering it for $30 this holiday season. The Roku is the option with the most content to offer. You can get hundreds of channels and even play games like Angry Birds if you are so inclined. You can get the Roku 3 for $99 or if you don’t mind last year’s model the Roku 2 can be had for $79.99. Last but not least is the Apple TV. If you are tied into the Apple ecosystem in any way look no further. Being able to Airplay your iPhone or iPad’s screen straight to your TV is fantastic. Apple TV is also $99 but I recommend picking up an Apple certified refurbished model for $75. It comes with the same 1 year warranty and you save 24% to boot. Read the rest of this entry »


Amazon Promises 30 Minute Delivery Via Drones With Amazon Prime Air

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Last night Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos was on 60 Minutes to talk about Amazon’s newest creation: drones that can deliver packages up to 5 pounds to your house in less than 30 minutes. These drones are part of a project called Amazon Prime Air.

These drones sit at the end of a conveyor belt waiting for packages. Once they are ready any package 5 pounds or less –According to Bezos 86% of Amazon packages are under 5 pounds– can be transported up to 10 miles from their fulfillment center to your front door. Bezos says that once they work out the regulations and figure out how to prevent drops from the sky, a fleet of drones will start delivering your orders from Amazon.

Much of the interview focused on Cyber Monday, Amazon’s biggest day of the year. It’s hard not to wonder if all this drone talk was more of a way to get publicity and drive sales for the company. Having said that, Amazon and its CEO want to change the way we shop and buy things and it’s hard to deny they have done that.

What do you think, will drones be delivering us our goods in say 5 years? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter!