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Nike+ Running iOS App Updated With New ‘Nike+ Coach’ Feature

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If exercising more often is going to be your New Year’s Resolution you’re in luck, because Nike has just updated its Nike+ Running app to Version 4.5.0 today. The big new feature is Nike+ Coach, which helps you train for an upcoming race suited to your ability.

You choose the distance that is right for you (5k, 10k, half marathon or marathon) and your experience level (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced) and the app will customize a program that’s right for you. The app will send you daily reminders to help keep you motivated and even give you some coaching tips in order to help you run faster than ever before.

Whether you are a person who is engulfed in the Nike+ ecoystem or you are new to running, the Nike+ Running  app and Nike+ Coach are a great option for you!

Here’s a full list of features in the 4.5.0 update today:

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Say It Ain’t So: Ads Coming To Instagram In 2014

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Ever since its release in October 2010, Instagram has been gaining popularity as the preeminent social network for sharing photos. So much so, in fact, Facebook bought the app in April 2012 for a reported $1 billion. The first unpopular move happened last December when Instagram changed its privacy policy, allowing data to be freely exchanged with Facebook. After a lot of negative attention, Instagram tweaked this policy in order to ease user’s fears. Now, nearly a year and a half after being bought by Facebook, the WSJ reports that ads are coming to Instagram ‘within the year’.

With an active user base of over 150 million people, Facebook has decided it’s time to cash in on their investment.  While the logistics of these ads have yet to be worked out, this won’t be a welcome addition for fans of the app. Hopefully this is done in an elegant way and not by littering feeds with unsolicited photos and videos.

What do you think? Will ads ruin your Instagram experience? Tell us below in the comments.