Michael Bay Meltdown

Michael Bay Meltdown Steals The Show At CES 2014

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Samsung unveiled lots at CES today. New Ultra High Definition TVs and some new tablets aimed at the pro market. But by far the biggest story was the meltdown that took place when director Michael Bay took the stage. After the teleprompter apparently malfunctioned, Bay was forced to “wing it.” Instead he fumbled his words and excused himself from the stage seconds later. Check it out for yourself above. (Bay arrives at the 57:15 mark)

As I said earlier on Twitter, I’m not sure why Michael Bay had so much trouble without a teleprompter. Most of his movies don’t have a script anyways. BOOM! ROASTED!


Watch Samsung’s CES 2014 Event Press Conference Here

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Samsung’s CES 2014 keynote starts at 2PM PST/ 5PM EST today. Watch the full live stream above. We will update the post with any noteworthy announcements!