How-to: Redeem Your iTunes Gift Card Using Your iOS Device

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iTunes gift cards are one of the most popular gifts each holiday season. They are a great way to buy music, TV shows, movies, and apps. If you just got one there is a quick and easy way to redeem your value so you can start enjoying all the iTunes Store has to offer.

1. Scratch off the label on the back of the gift card
2. Open the iTunes app on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch
3. Hit ‘Redeem iTunes Gift Cards’
4. Sign into the iTunes Store using your Apple ID password
5. Choose ‘Use Camera’ (You can also choose ‘You can also enter your code manually’)
6. Make sure your code is visible to the camera
7. The balance of the gift card should be available to you immediately
8. PROFIT!!!

Of course you can still redeem your gift card the old fashioned way, via iTunes on your Mac or PC. Whichever way you decide, let us know what you will be purchasing from iTunes in the comments and on Twitter! Read the rest of this entry »


Five Must Have Apps For Your iPhone 5s

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One of the best reasons to own an iPhone is the App store. Apple now boasts over 1 million apps, up from 900,000 in June. Not only are these apps useful but many iOS apps are designed beautifully. While Android and their Google Play store have caught up in terms of number of apps, Apple’s App Store is still where developers take their product first.

Whether you just got your first iPhone or are just looking for new apps to bring excitement to your iOS experience, here are my 5 favorite apps for the iPhone 5s.

Tweetbot 3 ($2.99)

Tweetbot 3 is far and away my favorite 3rd party Twitter client. While the official Twitter for iPhone app received a fresh coat of paint when iOS 7 was released, it still doesn’t hold a candle to Tweetbot. Tweetbot allows for easy switching between multiple accounts by tapping on your avatar in the upper left hand corner. This works well for those that want to monitor a business’s account along with a personal account. When Tweetbot 3 was released its primarily white background bothered some users. It did bother me a bit when I would check my feed in bed with the lights off. Enter update 3.2 and Night Theme. This theme allows for optimized reading in dark situations. You can quickly change between Night Theme and the Default White theme by swiping up and down the screen with two fingers like a light switch. This is the Twitter app made for the power user but can still be enjoyed by those who just want to scroll their feed. Read the rest of this entry »

Amazon Promises 30 Minute Delivery Via Drones With Amazon Prime Air

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Last night Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos was on 60 Minutes to talk about Amazon’s newest creation: drones that can deliver packages up to 5 pounds to your house in less than 30 minutes. These drones are part of a project called Amazon Prime Air.

These drones sit at the end of a conveyor belt waiting for packages. Once they are ready any package 5 pounds or less –According to Bezos 86% of Amazon packages are under 5 pounds– can be transported up to 10 miles from their fulfillment center to your front door. Bezos says that once they work out the regulations and figure out how to prevent drops from the sky, a fleet of drones will start delivering your orders from Amazon.

Much of the interview focused on Cyber Monday, Amazon’s biggest day of the year. It’s hard not to wonder if all this drone talk was more of a way to get publicity and drive sales for the company. Having said that, Amazon and its CEO want to change the way we shop and buy things and it’s hard to deny they have done that.

What do you think, will drones be delivering us our goods in say 5 years? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter!

Apple Event Confirmed For Tuesday, September 10th

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iphone event

The Tech world’s worst kept secret is finally official. Apple will hold its iPhone event next Tuesday, September 10th at 10 am PST. The event will be held at Apple Headquarter’s in Cupertino, CA.

Presumably Apple will showcase two new phones at their event, the high end 5S and the budget conscious 5C. Strong evidence suggests that Apple will release their new phones on Friday, September 20th. If history is any indicator you can expect to see preorders go live for the 5S and 5C at 12 am PST on Friday, September 13th. Alongside the new hardware, the final version of iOS 7 should be unveiled . Rumors have pegged its release anywhere from the day of the event until September 18th.

Be sure to check back on September 10th for all the news from Apple’s event and follow us on Twitter for live tweets during the event.

Facebook’s Stock Is Up: Is the Future Still Bright?

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For years Facebook has been the go to social network for me and most of my friends. I’ve been active on the site since early 2006, back when Facebook first started letting high schoolers on its site with an active .edu email address. Back then Facebook was cool. It was exclusive. Grandmothers and little cousins need not apply. For years I would listen to contrarians say how Facebook was played out and not a preeminent place to share their lives anymore. I strongly disagreed. How could they say that when Facebook boasted 750 million active users? Well, despite lofty goals of having every person on Earth with a profile, Facebook’s best days are behind it. Here are 5 reasons why: Read the rest of this entry »